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Terme 3000

In the heart of the Prekmurje region in northeast Slovenia, where the slightly hilly Goričko merges with the Pannonian Plain, a luxury of experiences awaits you along with the beneficial effects of the world-renown black thermo-mineral water of Terme 3000. The Pannonian Sea that occupied this area millions of years ago left a rich heritage of thermal springs. These were discovered by chance in the mid-twentieth century while drilling for oil in the green meadows not far from the village of Moravci. Believing that the springs were nothing more than plain hot water, the workers of the oil company closed the drill hole and left. The curious locals secretly opened the valve and began taking the hot black water home in buckets. They soon realised its beneficial effects. In the 1960s, the water’s healing effects on human health and wellbeing were corroborated by scientists.


Hotel Livada Prestige*****
Hotel Ajda****
Hotel Termal****
Prekmurska vas**** apartments
Tourist village – chalets***


Health care
Healing Resources: black thermo-mineral water from Moravske Toplice with specific therapeutic effects and freshwater peloid from the Negovsko jezero Lake Therapies; Hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy (group or individual), electrotherapy, mechanotherapy (classic manual massage, lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy), thermotherapy (paraffin wraps, thermopack, mud packs and cryomassage), inhalations, acupuncture and selective ultraviolet phototherapy.


Anti-stress and anti-rheumatism programmes, programmes for the prevention of osteoporosis, weight loss programmes, preventive and relaxation programmes, programme for neck or lower back pain and programme for treating psoriasis.


Recreation and entertainment
Over 25 outdoor and indoor pools with natural black thermo-mineral and plain water, different swimming pools for children, a diving pool and water slides with special effects; sports park (artificial surfaces): tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, football, badminton and clay tennis courts; recreation: trim trail, Nordic walking and cycling; golf course with 18 holes not far from the complex; offer for children: Viki the Stork, an entertaining and mischievous children’s mascot.


150 different services in the Thermalium Wellness Centre of relaxation beauty and wellbeing and a comprehensive range of Thai massages in the Livada Prestige hotel; in-house Thermalium Collection line of care and beauty products (for care of very sensitive and irritated skin), natural thermo-mineral baths and massages under the Thermalium brand, a diverse offer of massages, Eve Taylor aromatherapy, Ayurveda, stone massages; facial care, hand and foot care, anti-cellulite programmes, Concerto waterbed, etc.


Additional offer
Cuisine the refurbished Prestige restaurant at the Hotel Livada Prestige (Quality Cup – Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Assembly of Slovenia 2009); new confectionery shop with a delicious house dessert. Traditional Events: themed summer weekends in the Terme 3000 adventure pool complex, ethnological evenings and the Festival of Layer Cake and Prekmurje Ham in Terme 3000, Žarijada (barbeque party), traditional Summer Night, etc.


Degenerative rheumatism, non-articular rheumatism, chronic inflammation of rheumatic diseases (including psoriatic arthritis), recuperating from injuries and operations connected to the locomotor system with functional deficiencies, skin diseases (psoriasis), natural healing resources, aerosol for inhalations, thermal mineral water, medical mud and mineral peloids, state-certified health resort.





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