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Rogaška Health Resort

Rogaška Slatina is an old health resort town in East Slovenia near the Croatian border. It is located on the edge of the winegrowing hills of Kozjansko, in the embrace of three hills – Boč, Donačka gora and Plešivec – and surrounded by rich forests. Legend has it that the winged horse Pegasus drank from the Rogaška springs on the orders of Apollo, who told Pegasus to strike open Roitschocrene, the Rogaška well, with his hoof and drink from the well as it was “a source of health and real divine power”. The health resort truly flourished in the second half of the 19th century, when Rogaška was enjoying a golden age under Count Ferdinand Attems and was visited by ruling families and members of the high nobility. This select clientele was entertained by some of the foremost artists of the age, among them the Hungarian Romantic composer and virtuoso pianist Franz Liszt.


In the central part of Rogaška Slatina:

Hotel Aleksander*****
Grand hotel Sava****sup
Hotel Zagreb****
Grand Hotel Donat****
Grand Hotel Rogaška****
Hotel Slovenija****


Health care
Healing Resources: the Donat Mg natural medicinal mineral water with a very high concentration of magnesium and other minerals; for drinking; thermo-mineral water for bathing.


Recreation and entertainment
Thermal swimming pools and saunas, a fitness centre, a cycling trail, tennis, squash, mini-golf, guided tours through the natural sights, trips aimed at familiarizing you with the surroundings, the Rogaška Musical Summer and creative and themed workshops. The Casino Fontana.


Lotus Terme Spa & Beauty: relaxation for body and mind: Ayurveda massages, aromatherapy, body wraps, anti-cellulite programmes, beauty care for face, neck and neckline area, wellness care for the hands and feet, Royal wellness bath, relaxation techniques: school of meditation and psychical relaxation, auriculoptherapy, multi-day wellness programmes, etc. Sawan Traditional Thai Massage Centre, Pool Complex with Thermo-Mineral Water, whirlpools, Kneipp circuit, different saunas and steam baths and a tepidarium.


Medical Services
Rogaška Medical Centre – Health Care & Medical Wellness: clinical examinations by specialists and diagnostics; preventive examinations for executives, top quality health care programmes: loosing excessive weight, fasting, relieving chronic gastroenterological problems, an anti-stress programme, a programme for alleviating problems caused by diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis, an anti-aging programme, rejuvenation programmes: rejuvenation and medical treatment of the skin, body shaping, reliving premature signs of skin aging, aesthetic plastic surgery, vascular surgery, natural balneotherapy: baths, massage, fango and other wraps; centre for special massage techniques for pampering, physical therapy and inhalations.


Additional offer
Mineral water tavern: a drinking regimen using Donat Mg and Styria at the source; excellent culinary offer in the Kaiser restaurant and the Kristal hotel restaurant; diet and protective food at the Slatina hotel and a pleasant coffee shop with daily fresh desserts. The Rogaška Congress Centre and the Lotus Wellness Centre; New: excellent weight loss programmes, new rooms in the Grand Hotel Sava – superior LUX, outdoor water surfaces, Cappuccino’s coffee shop with a dance floor.


Drinking the Donat Mg medicinal mineral water: diseases of the digestive system, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, the nervous system heart and circulatory diseases; it has beneficial effects on sugar and cholesterol content and high blood pressure; it is indispensable for relieving constipation, obesity, easing heartburn and the excessive secretion of stomach acids; bathing in thermo-mineral water: problems with the locomotor system, diseases of the spine and rheumatic diseases, muscle pain and muscle fatigue, ligaments and joints; poor blood circulation, natural healing resources, cold mineral drinking water, thermal mineral water, aerosols for inhalation, climate, medical mud and mineral peloids, state-certified health resort.





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