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Radenci Health Resort

The Radenci Health Resort invites you to north-eastern Slovenia, to an area of cornfields and vineyard-covered hills along the Mura river – a river of floating mills. The resort is located some five kilometres from the larger town of Gornja Radgona along the Austrian border and 13 kilometres from Murska Sobota. Legend has it that industrious dwarves dug tunnels underground to reach the mineral water. In 1833, an underground rumbling was heard by medical student Karel Henn on his first visit to Radenci. After thoroughly analyzing the water, Henn returned to Radenci as a renowned doctor and filled the first bottle of “Radenska” mineral water in 1869. Later, these bottles were supplied to the imperial court in Vienna and the papal court in Rome. The health resort welcomed its first guests almost 130 years ago, in 1882.


Hotel Radin****
Hotel Izvir****


Health Care
Healing Resources: naturally carbonated mineral water, hydrogen carbonate thermo-mineral water, a temperature of 41° C (wellspring temperature) and 33 to 37° C in the thermal pools, inorganic peloids, the beneficial climate with an average of 253 sunny days a year.
Therapies: drinking and bathing in mineral waters, thermo mineral baths and inorganic peloid wraps.


The treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic illnesses, disturbances of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders, natural healing resources, cold mineral drinking water, thermal mineral water, climate, state-certified health resort.




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